Batata vada,samosa

Batata-vada / Samosa

Potatoes are useful item most of Indian cuisine. Potatoes - Aloo essential commodity in large numbers of household of India for cooking varieties of recipes and regional cuisine. Aloo is at the top position as a crop in the world. It is used in snacks, soups, side dishes, fries, main course, crunching, samosas, vada.

vada pav, samosa pav, aloo tickki, dabeli , chat, bhaji, masala dosa, aloo parath, puff fillings is very famous street food one find in every nuke and corner!

Major ingredient of vada, samosa, dabeli , chat, bhaji, Dosa bhaji, aloo paratha, puff fillings etc. is potato viz aloo. For stuffing boiled and mashed potatoes are used. Potatoes are full of starch and nutritive. Commercial kitchen and street vendors would like to keep stuffing readyto enable to serve consumer hot during serving.

However, those semi cooked mashed potatoes get deteriorated very fast. It becomes sticky and develops obnoxious smell in few hours. These factors consume lots of time as fresh potato required to be boiled, meshed and mixed with masalas.

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