FoodGuard - The Great Asset in The Pantry to Guard Food

Deterioration of food is evidenced by alteration in the appearance (colour changes, pockets of gas / swelling), texture (sticky, soft and mushy), colour, odour and flavour or slime formation.

With our proven FDA approved FSSAI licensed FoodGuard you can serve Safer Food to consumer and side by side get better business as a result of preventing food wastage!

FoodGuard very simple and Easy to use:

  • FoodGuard is a great asset in the pantry specially of commercial kitchen. It helps to create more business through preventing food wastage. Food get spoiled due to contamination from various sources, FoodGuard defend those contaminants and guard food from spoilage.
  • FoodGuard comes in powder form. It is easily soluble in water.
  • If you are adding water to our recipes, you can dissolve food guard in water and use that water during cooking. You can use upto 1gm FoodGuard in 1 kg of finished product.

How to protect food from spoilage using Foodguard?

Following is detailed example of using FoodGuard to increase shelf life of boiled and meshed potatoes:

  • 1gm FoodGuard in water, take 1kg potatoes and start boiling.
  • Above potatoes will remain fresh for longer time than potatoes boiled without using FoodGuard. (seeing is believing – ask for product –call now)
  • If you want to make fillings from above potatoes and want to use them after sometime, You need to once again add FoodGuard (1gm/kg of final mixture). You can mix FoodGuard in the same way as you add salt in your Food preparations.
  • Fillings will remain same without change in taste and texture! (contact us for your requirement

FoodGuard offers comprehensive FDA approved FSSAI licensed solutions to keep the food in good condition for longer time period. FoodGuard safe guard and prolong shelf life of the food items. Best defending FDA approved FSSAI licensed solution for commercial kitchens including caterers, hotels, restaurants, food chains as well as street food outlets.

FDA approved FSSAI licensed food additive FOODGUARD includes wide variety defending solutions for all critical cooked and semi cooked food items like boiled and meshed potatoes, chutneys, fursan, sweets and so on for commerical kitchen. Want to know more about food items protected by FoodGuard