Farshan namkeen snacks

Farshan / Namkeen / Dhokla / idli / khaman etc.

Farshan namkeen Snacks include a range of food items that are used for eating in small amounts in between the regular meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are not served as the main food item and used to suppress the temporary hunger. Snack food items, including namkeen, farshan, fried dals, potato, banana, plantain, cassava, chips, French fries, fried salty snacks, pani puri, chaat papadi, vermicelli, noodles,dhokla,khandvi, samosa, vada etc.

Large scale manufacturer like food processing industries spend hugeamount ofmoney and take upmost care of hygiene to protect snacks from contamination and increase the shelf life.

Safety standards and hygiene are area of concern for commercial kitchen. FoodGuard understand the need of commercial kitchen to protect the life of namkeen, farshan other snacks.