Natural and synthetic: Sharbat, drinks and fruit juices

Our unique Foodguard extend the life of juices benefitting both consumer and maker! Health to consumer and profit to maker!

All sherbets, drinks and juices are likely to get spoil very fast. Big manufacturers take upmost care of personal hygiene and cleaning of machines, fumigation etc..commercial kitchens, caterers, hotels and for small outlets it is challenge to protect their sherbets and juices from deterioration.

FoodGuard is unique solution to curtail spoilage to keep quality and wholesomeness of drinks and fruit juices for longer time. FoodGuard easy to use FDA approved FSSAI licensed food additive is proven defender prolonging shelf life of fruit juices like mango juices, pineapple juices, sharbats - keri ka sharbat, aam ras, keri ka panna, pineapple juices and other synthetic juices without changing original nutritive value, texture, aroma and taste.

Food Guard is powerful guardian for

  • Drinks, cold drinks
  • Fruit juices
  • Juices- sharbats
  • Mango juices, keri ka sharbat, aamras, panna
  • Pineapple juice Other juices and drinks