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Our food additive solutions keep the food in good condition for longer time entailing benefits to both consumer of food items as well as maker of eatables. From fisherman to hotels, restaurants, caterers, canteens, street food vendors, makers of farshan, namkeen and sweets our wide range of FDA approved and FSSAI licensed food additives are very well accepted all.

Our FDA approved and FSSAI licensed brand portfolio is as diverse as it is ever-evolving be it vegetarian food items like farshan, dhokala,idli, chutney, namkeen, milk and milk products, sweets, juices, non-vegetarian foods like meat, poultry to fisheries and marine catch;.

We Understand Your Needs

Continuous innovation leads to new and improved products, allowing us to keep pace with our customers’ evolving needs. Realizing the smaller food processor’s need like commercial kitchen for keeping food items safer for longer time, we looked at some of FDA approved food ingredients and developed specialised food additives with a focus on hotels, restaurants, caterers, canteens, street food vendors, makers of farshan,, namkeen and sweets and fisherman.

Ideal for small food processors like canteen, restaurants, hotels, caterers, dairies, farshan and sweet manufactures, these innovations have been very well-received and inadvertently, we went on to cater a wholly new segment. Our brands start out within the factory but make their way into hearts of our customers. Today, our brand portfolio includes a complete gamut of food additives for various types of eatables to keep them fresh and healthy for longer time.

Our Top Brands